Superb experience even in the torrential rain

“We were expecting poor weather last Saturday and boy did we get it. We were assured the show would go on regardless and it was so good that we totally forgot about the rain. It is a superb spectacle that had us hooked for the whole time” Phil R, Manchester, United Kingdom

Wasn’t Expecting This!!

“Attended Kynren on 10th August as a group of work friends - totally blown away! It rained from the minute we sat down until we left - I didn’t notice it and neither did the cast - they were absolutely amazing!! There was so much to see - it was mesmerising; and in parts very emotional!” Gillburnett, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

A truly magical night!

“Despite the rain, nothing could dampen our spirits on Saturday night, what a phenomenal show and created by the most amazing community of volunteers." Felicity M, Hertford, United Kingdom

As a venue with outdoor attractions and shows, the weather plays an important part in each and every experience.   

Whether it’s a dramatic red sky at night or an overcast evening, a light drizzle or just plain full on rain, the weather adds another depth to an already electrifying performance, where no two nights are the same. This, plus our captivating story, make Kynren a truly unforgettable experience. 

Don’t forget to wear shoes you’re happy to walk in, whether for your afternoon at 11Arches Park or for your Kynren performance. Kynren is an evening show, so also wear something suitably warm … even hot summer days can turn into chilly nights. Please note that all our shows will go on in the event of rain so make sure you bring waterproofs if rain is forecast!

You can buy ponchos and blankets on the day from our retail outlets, and you can have an umbrella up anywhere, anytime, except in your seat during the shows. (As you’ll imagine, the performance is not improved if your view consists almost exclusively of someone else's umbrella).